The best cannabis flowers are drenched in sparkling trichomes, which many companies shake off of the trim and flowers to sell as kief. Some of us collect our kief in a special chamber in our grinders, while others prefer to buy it at the dispensary.

The purpose of trichomes on a plant is to deter herbivores from munching on them, and for those small creatures who do, the trichomes will induce a hardcore psychoactive trip. This is also the reason that we love to smoke it so much.

And if kief is so much stronger than flower, is it possible to have high CBD, low THC kief?


CBD Kief

The process of making kief doesn’t use a lot of heavy machinery or solvents like shatter, crumble, and other popular extractions. To create kief at home, you will just need the proper screen to filter the plant matter out and a large quantity of high CBD cannabis flowers or trim. This would require access to a legal market, whether that be medical or recreational. When purchased from a legal market, we have test results that show cannabinoid content, thus proving that CBD is the most prominent of the lot.


With that being said, there are isolates that offer pure CBD without any traces of THC content. This product is crafted using an extraction process that requires solvents and expensive equipment. The extract turns into a white powder when finished and is quickly becoming a go-to for cannabis patients that don’t want to get high.

  Posted: Sunday, March 18th, 5:11am 8 months ago
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