For years St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated by drinking huge quantities of green beer or even shooting whiskey all night. But this year, why don’t we explore some other ways to enjoy the holiday with some green? It is hopefully going to be the year of "legal" weed in Canada, after all. So let’s take a look at some great ways to infuse cannabis into your St. Patrick’s Day.



Shepherd’s Pie, cabbage soup, and soda farls for everyone this cannabis-St. Paddy’s Day! There are a few ways that we can infuse foods in the kitchen. If Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is available in your area, that is the most simple way to add cannabis to almost any food. If it isn’t, then we can infuse olive oil or coconut oil. Olive oil is more versatile as coconut oil adds quite a bit of coconut flavor to almost any dish. If we infuse olive oil, then it can be added to all of the above-mentioned items.



I know a lot of people love the green beer on St. Patty's, but why not drink some green beer with some actual green cannabis infused into it. Warren Bobrow, writer of Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, & Tonics…, has many recipes in his extensive book for infusing simple syrups and other common cocktail ingredients. For the more newbie bartenders, tinctures are the most turnkey way to add a cannabis kick to any beverage. Glycerin tinctures can easily be added to a beverage, but alcohol tinctures won’t emulsify into a water-based drink.


This is our fool-proof plan for helping a cannabis-infused St. Patrick’s Day feel just as fun as a drunken one. Let us know how your holiday goes in the comments!

  Posted: Friday, March 16th, 6:16am 8 months ago
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