Cannabis isn’t the only herb you can smoke to get some amazing benefits. There are many others used for medicinal purposes all across the world. Here are five awesome plants you can light up, just like your favorite strain.



Mugwort has been used for centuries in a number of ways. It can help treat the cold/flu, chronic pain, epilepsy, digestive issues, menstrual symptoms, asthma, and even brain disease. Perhaps one of the most versatile of herbs on this list, mugwort is an excellent introduction to your exploration of alternative herbs.


St. John’s Wort

Famous across the world, St. John’s Wort is used for a number of reasons. It’s a mood stabilizer, antidepressant, and even alleviates anxiety. If you suffer from a nervous or emotionally unstable disposition, this is the one for you. However, this herb does have strong interactions with other medicines, so consult your doctor before use.


Red Raspberry Leaf

An underrated plant, Red Raspberry Leaf has similar calming properties as weed. It is a mood-elevating sedative. So if you can’t sleep or you just have a bad case of the blues, try toking up some of this healing herb.



Mullein is an anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and mild narcotic that produces feelings of relaxation and peace. It’s very effective when the lungs need to be cleared out. It can also be helpful after a long stressful day or to ease a troubled mind.


White Sage

You’ve probably seen White Sage in bundles at smoke or crystal shops. It’s considered a sacred herb and is used in cleansing ceremonies and blessings. It can also be smoked in order to clear the respiratory system and open the mind. It is even said to help improve memory function.


You can mix and match all of these herbs to create a special blend aimed at your symptoms. Try them together or even mix with some cannabis.  

  Posted: Friday, March 9th, 11:23pm 8 months ago
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