Sometimes cannabis can create blissful slumber, while other times it can inhibit our ability to sleep soundly. Preliminary studies have suggested that cannabidiol (CBD) could be therapeutic for insomniacs. While Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can decrease our inability to fall asleep, it may also impair our quality of rest in the long term. This data, however, is compiled mostly of studies from the 1970s that are considered inconsistent.

Sleep psychologist Dierdre Conroy has treated hundreds of patients diagnosed with insomnia and has found that success in using cannabis as a treatment is individual from patient to patient. The frequency of cannabis use is crucial when using tinctures, edibles, or cannabis flowers to help regulate sleep. In the study, 98 mostly healthy, young men were asked to wear Accelerometers, answer surveys, and keep daily sleep diaries.  

The research showed that a total of 39% of daily users complained of clinically significant insomnia. When occasional users were surveyed, just 10% had complaints of insomnia. Those who used very infrequently reported no sleep complaints. When a control group was added to the study, differences among groups disappeared and showed the presence of depression and anxiety among participants. Researchers found that those who suffer from depression and anxiety find help when using cannabis treatment for insomnia.

Other research has been surfacing about types of cannabis or cannabinoid concentrations and their relation to insomnia. After more countries legalize the plant in some capacity, surely more research on the topic will be available. For the time being, those dealing with insomnia might find taking daily CBD supplements helpful.

  Posted: Thursday, March 8th, 8:36pm 8 months ago
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