Mangoes are amazing. Between their juiciness, delicious flavor, and health benefits, they are a powerhouse of a fruit. But did you know cannabis and mangoes are a match made in heaven? Well, hold onto your hats. Here’s how they can improve your smoking experience.  

Mangoes can make your session more intense and last longer through a terpene called myrcene. This same terpine found in cannabis is what gives strains their earthy smell and can, in high amounts, contribute to the sleepy effect of some varieties of weed.

Myrcene improves how well you can absorb cannabinoids, by clearing pathways through the cell membrane. This makes you more receptive to cannabinoids and increases their effectiveness, leading to a longer and stonier experience. Consuming a mango about an hour before you smoke (allowing the myrcene to fully absorb) will extend and increase your high. If you’re already sensitive to cannabis, start with one mango, and if you’re a seasoned stoner, add more at your discretion.

Not only do mangoes make your cannabis experience better, they contain all sorts of healthy stuff for your body. They have high amounts of vitamins A and C, and can actually help prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, improve memory function, and more.

So, go ahead and indulge in some mango the next time you smoke, and see it work its magic on you. It’ll help you feel better, get healthier, and stay high.

  Posted: Tuesday, February 27th, 2:47am 9 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Shasta Nelson

Shasta Nelson is a California Native and a cannabis connoisseur. She's been involved in the industry at every level since she was a teenager. Currently she provides content for Roottie, DOPE Magazine, and Terpenes and Testing. She's also a creative writer, with a graphic novel underway.

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