There is a certain ritual to dabbing: Getting the nail heated, and prepping the glob while waiting for the temp to drop. The rotation of the carb cap with the sequence of inhalation. Dabbing is somewhat of an art form, and like all art, the process is evolving. Some are on a quest for the perfect temperature dabs, and others are trying to take their love of dabbing extracts on the go. Despite the end goal, it all points to the E-nail. Simply put, an E-nail is an Electronic Nail used on a dab rig. They can be heated to specific temperatures for perfect dabs, without the danger of using a blowtorch.


Here are 5 of our top E-rig picks that cut out the torch.


1) Dabado Bolt 2

Dabado vaporizers are durable, user-friendly, and perfect for dabbing on the go. The newest release, Black Bolt 2, features an LCD screen with a temperature readout to easily see exactly what temps we’re dabbing at.

Each $129.99 USD Black Bolt 2 kit comes with a quartz, titanium, and ceramic nail; and an extra heating rod, a magnetic stand, and silicone containers as well as protectors. The kit comes with everything we need, and the Dabado is fit for torchless dabs anywhere we could imagine.


2) Mini Nail Deep Dish Quartz Hybrid E-Nail

The MiniNail brand is known for dabber-specific attention to detail. The Mini Nail Deep Dish Quartz Hybrid E-nail allows you to get amazing flavor from your concentrates with low temp, terpy dabbing.

A complete kit from MiniNail costs $349.99 USD and is built for the concentrate enthusiast and daily dabber in mind.  This E-nail is slightly larger than a business card and weighs in at only 5 ounces. Pre-calibrated heater coils ensure you get accurate temps, and the high-quality accessories ensure you have the best experience possible.


3) Dr. Dabber Boost

The electronic Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition is a low profile way to completely remove the torch from the situation. To use this piece, just remove the glass unit and load with water before clicking the button 3 times to set the temperature for a titanium nail and 5 clicks for a quartz or ceramic nail. In about 30 seconds the light will change color, then it’s time to drop our glob.

The Boost Black Edition comes with a limited edition Dr. Dabber keychain and XL Quartz, XL Ceramic, and XL Domeless Titanium nail. It also has a glass water attachment, magnetic carb cap & loading tool as well as a medical grade silicone storage container and retails at $159.95 USD


4) GRAV Fire Button Portable E-Nail

Another portable option the GRAV actually looks more like a Zune music player than a dab rig. The Grav Fire Button is just that, a high temp dabs at the push of a button. Load the ceramic skillet of your choice, push the button, and inhale; it’s that easy with the GRAV.

Purchase a GRAV for $169.99 USD and also get the portable enclosed 3-tiered E-nail (10,14, and 19 mm) system, covered in a heat-resistant silicone, three heating elements, a 3-foot cord, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a mini USB connection.


5) CloudV Electric Vaporizer

This is a classic vaporizer choice and their portable E-nails are a great addition to the CloudV . The ElectroMini Portable E-nail is temperature controlled and fits in the palm of our hand. It can rise anywhere from 550°F to 1000°F and is easily adjustable with a responsive button and digital display. Choose between dabbing on a titanium or quartz nail with this setup.

The purchase of this small but mighty E-nail comes with a 3300mAh Electro Mini battery, spill-proof aqua bubbler and carb tool, charging base and cable, charging adapter, Cloud V Pro Tool, one quartz nail and one 16 mm titanium nail. These run around $149.99 USD  

Leaving the torch behind is easy with these great E-nails and electronic dab rigs. Did we miss your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments.

  Posted: Saturday, February 24th, 8:03pm 9 months ago
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