The Canadian Senate has struck a deal to vote on the Cannabis Bill C-45 on June 7. But even if cannabis becomes legal then, it won't be legal for sale until August.

The deadline, that inches like a worm further and further back, now seems to be pinned down, sorta. Assuming Bill C-45 passes in Senate, royal assent would then follow immediately and actual sales a little while later. Royal assent is the cute final hoop that Canada's bills must jump through before becoming law because it is still formally attached to the British monarchy. Yes, Queen Elizabeth II will give Canada the thumbs up to grow and sell pot while her own constituents look on—some with jealousy and some with disdain. But she won't be the first royal lady dealing with cannabis. Queen Elizabeth I mandated that English crop-growers had to devote a portion of their land to hemp, and Queen Victoria was known to use it to ease her menstrual cramps. But we digress.



Although the Trudeau government had at one point been aiming for legalization in July, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor says that provincial and territorial governments need 8 to 12 weeks following the royal assent to prepare for retail sales.

At least now, provincial governments and everyone else waiting for the green can prepare for the upcoming Canadian legalization with some certainty about when retail sales will begin— no earlier than August and, hopefully, no later than September.

  Posted: Wednesday, February 21st, 1:00am 9 months ago
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