Cannabis tinctures are one of the most convenient ways to consume a concentration of cannabinoids discreetly. If you put them under your tongue, they are faster-acting than edibles, which have a long journey to be metabolized by the liver. And manufacturers of tinctures are taking advantage of the micro-dosing trend to bring this discreet cannabis to consumers in new and innovative ways. Since edibles aren't legal in many places yet, how about dosing your daily beverage with a tincture?


1. Coffee

The combination is affectionately called the Seattle Speedball and takes an upper with a chill-maker in what some consider a perfect marriage. Use a dropper to add a few milligrams of your favourite tincture to your morning brew.

2. Tea

Like coffee but for those who prefer the English standard black tea or a variety of tisanes. The only thing to take note of is the fact that cannabis is fat soluble so adding a tincture (which is also an oil) will mix better with a tea diluted with milk rather than one made with just water.

3. Hot Cocoa

For best results, use whole milk and add a few medicated marshmallows.

4. Smoothies and shakes

A total no-brainer. But the server at Jamba Juice won't be able to add it in for you, so it's a better idea to make your canna-smoothies at home.

5. Apple cider

A few drops added to fall cider, hot toddies, eggnog, or hot buttered rum will sweep your late fall and early winter blues away. Now we just need to figure out a seasonal drink for mid-February.

6. Juices

Add some calm to alkaline green juices. Better yet, add some fresh cannabis leaves to your juice material too.

7. Water with apple cider vinegar

Thirst-quenching, hydrating, good for your mood, and nourishing for your gut biome.

8.  Soda

LaCroix seems to be a trend right now, so give it a go.

  Posted: Sunday, February 18th, 7:00pm 9 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Davie Dabbs aka Popeye

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