Cannabis sublingual products are coming into vogue, and they're getting sophisticated enough that you won't mind carrying them with you.

Sublingual products are placed under the tongue where there are many capillaries, and cannabinoids can enter directly into the bloodstream and quickly break the blood-brain barrier. They're effects come on surprisingly quick but not as fast-acting as smoking or as long-lasting as edibles.

Until now, a marijuana sublingual typically referred to a bottle of oil with a dropper or syringe for titration. To medicate, just load the dropper (or syringe) and squirt it under your tongue. The problem with oils is that they have to be held under the tongue for an undetermined amount of time. Was it absorbed? Who knows, because the oil mixes with saliva and becomes a heterogeneous mixture that must be swallowed.

Sublingual cannabis sprays then came on the market and did a better job of coating the mucous membranes in the mouth for ultimate absorption. And that's all well and good, but then we heard about this: cannabis strips, perhaps the paramount idea in the under-the-tongue marijuana innovations.

Cannabis Strips dissolve on your tongue, go to work in as little as 10 to 30 minutes, and some of them even freshen your breath. This method is a clear winner over toting around a bottle full of oil along with a suspicious syringe. Most of the dissolving cannabis strips on the market look like designer versions of what you find on the gum rack at your local corner store, so a very discrete method to consider as well.  

Some popular options include the following:  

  Posted: Friday, February 9th, 7:20am 9 months ago
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