It's not even legal yet, and already the Canadian cannabis industry is attracting business executives, tech wizards and marketing masters, like bees to a hive. Marijuana companies—from producers to marketing agencies—are on a hiring spree, filling up their workforce before the legalization of recreational cannabis later this year. What they are looking for is experience, but since prohibition made it illegal for us to cut our teeth on the floors of an actual grow-op facility, it's time for the next generation of workers to get schooled in the art of cultivating our most prized crop yet.

This legislative shift in Canada's drug policy is opening the eyes of provincial governments to how the cannabis industry is going to become a part of their economic growth plans. They are willing to make funds available to support educational initiatives in the medical cannabis industry if it promises to secure and enhance the economic future of that province. That's the ethos behind New Brunswick Community College in Dieppe, which received financial support from the government to launch this program.  

Dieppe Community College’s cannabis cultivation class is the first of its kind offered in Canada. The school's prime location, near the LP Organigram, made for some beautiful collaboration when it came to crafting the curriculum for the new cannabis cultivation class and appealing for funds.

Working alongside the NB government, Organigram and Dieppe were able to secure $70,000 to cover the tuition of the first 25 students to enroll in the course. The chosen students can study the art and science of growing medical cannabis for FREE (courtesy of the government), and the first cohort of students began the course last year in November.

  Posted: Friday, February 2nd, 9:30pm 10 months ago
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