In Quebec, where the pending recreational marijuana laws seem the stingiest, psychiatrists are calling for limits on the potency of the cannabis to be sold by the province because of the health risks they say are dangerous.

The Quebec Association of psychiatrists gave the minister responsible for the legislation an earful about something that up to this point no one has brought up: how much THC is in cannabis.

Parents, they say, need to understand that cannabis today is not what they were smoking in their youth. And that by trivializing the drug, they are not taking the consequences of high-THC marijuana on the developing mind seriously.

In 1995, the average amount of THC in pot seized on the black market in the United States was about 7 percent. As grow-ops got more sophisticated into the millennium, the levels have climbed to average around 14 percent. In some strains, THC can reach the biological limit of THC production and can range from 30-35 percent THC by dry weight.

Ghost OG, Gorilla Glue, Girls Scout Cookies, Bruce Banner, White Fire OG and Kosher Kush all live in this high-THC space, and they're also some of the most popular flowers at a dispensary.

The Quebec Association of psychiatrists sees the pre-legalization window we're in as a golden opportunity to put restrictions on the level of THC sold by the provincial government. They recommend a THC cap of about 15-16 percent for adults and 8 percent for youth between 18 and 21 years old. Quebec has decided on 18 as the legal minimum age to purchase and consume cannabis.

  Posted: Thursday, February 1st, 5:52pm 10 months ago
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