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Nothing in this world is a “miracle cure,” but if anything were, it would be CBD. Despite sanctions on research, CBD has already displayed more than 6 confirmed medical applications and at least 20 more (to be conservative) that are currently speculatory or under review. With most research focussed on CBD’s miraculous effects on epilepsy, psychosis, and other severe treatment-resistant conditions, some of CBD’s more obscure benefits might get lost in translation, so let’s look at three less well-known uses for CBD.

1) Skin Conditions: CBD has been shown to regulate the function of dermal cells in conditions like acne and psoriasis. By inhibiting the production of sebocytes, or oil-producing skin cells, CBD can help to improve the skin’s appearance and reduce the inflammation and swelling associated with acne, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. Full-spectrum extracts are preferable, as a number of terpenes in the cannabis plant (notably linalool and limonene) have also shown incredible antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-psoriatic properties suitable to the treatment of acne.

2) Wakefulness and Focus: A lot of people associate cannabis with tired eyes and sleepy vibes, but CBD can accomplish quite the opposite. In doses below 40mg, CBD promotes wakefulness and focus, actually acting as a mild stimulant. In a study on rats, CBD consumption promoted wakefulness during the day while also yielding a better night’s sleep. CBD was found to raise levels of a certain chemical in the brain (c-fos) associated with wakefulness and focus.

3) Bone Health: Although CBD has demonstrated extraordinary promise in maintaining bone health and treating skeletal health conditions, these effects haven’t garnered much attention. The endocannabinoid system has been associated with bone health, affecting the production of certain cells (osteoblasts and adipocytes) that regulate bone health. CBD has been demonstrated to enhance healing following a fracture, ultimately promoting a quicker recovery. CBD has also been shown to increase bone density, meaning stronger and healthier bones!

  Posted: Saturday, July 7th, 5:47pm 4 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Lana Tong

Lana Tong is an aspiring Biochemist and Squirrel Behavioral Psychologist based in Victoria, British Columbia. She's passionate about cannabis as a medicine, entheogen, food, fiber crop, and so much more. Lana hopes to one day swim in a pool filled with organic CBD oil. We all have dreams - right?!

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