Michael Allen, is the director of evidence-based medicine for the U of A's Department of Family Medicine. After conducting scientific research and a review of CBD, Michael came to the conclusion the evidence supporting CBD is underwhelming.

Perhaps this study would have been better fit to point out that CBD by itself doesn't seem to be as effective as a broad-spectrum plant extract. The only reason CBD has grown in popularity is because of legal loopholes allowing the hemp plant which contains little to no THC to have CBD extracted from it for sale.

Canna Inhalers: Better than Vaping or Smoking?

At least that's the opinion of Jason Dyck, a medical researcher in Ontario Canada. Jason believes that medical devices such as cannabis inhalers allow precise dosing compared to vaping or smoking and do not rely on heat or combustion.

It's amazing he can come to this conclusion without ever seeing a product. I can tell you from personal experience having tried the Carlos Santana line of THC inhalers that I find them nowhere near as effective as natural craft cannabis.

Shouldn’t Experience Matter

Perhaps before doing studies and research the individuals leading the study should have experience in what they're studying. How are you going to even study cannabis claiming to understand it when you have no idea of the basis of how it works. Cannabis isn't science.

As much as the medical community would like to make cannabis out to be this advanced science, it will respond differently to each individual's chemistry. Unless science has a way to alter a person's chemistry into a format they want it in, the idea of producing consistent medical cannabis is a little silly to me.

It’s Titrates Jason, Not Doses

Also, I find it very hard to believe that Jason would even refer to consuming medical cannabis with the term precise dosage. Don't you mean titrate?

I'm only a writer and not a medical professional, but I believe the only way to achieve precise dosage is through IV. Just a guess though, what would I know? When it comes to cannabis, apparently a little bit more than Jason and Michael if you ask me.

The only point that was made in the story provoking this article, is the fact that CBD alone is not the miraculous compound. It is the synergistic-ness of all cannabinoids in conjunction with one another, even in the most minuscule amounts.

  Posted: Friday, December 7th, 1:00pm 8 days ago
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