Black market cannabis has kept the movement alive, but now legal cannabis is starting to thrive. One of the big downfalls about black market cannabis is the quality. You can get some fantastic bud on the black market, but you can also get buds full of bugs like spider mites, mold, and mildew.

Many growers on the black market don't care about the purity, or the quality of their plants, all most care about is maximum profits. Obviously consuming cannabis that is infested with bugs or infected with mold or mildew is not good for you. That is one of the many positive things cannabis legalization has going for it.

The Rules and Regulations of Things

With cannabis legalization has come strict guidelines to which cultivators and dispensaries must adhere to with the quality of their cannabis. It must pass certified lab testing and have the results displayed for consumers.

This is why most cannabis consumers prefer to get their weed from a legal dispensary versus buying it on the black market. Nothing's worse than thinking you got a great deal on a nice sack of nugs only to crack one open and find out it's one big spider web or has larva in it.

Cultivators and dispensaries are not permitted to use certain chemicals, and their end product must meet a certain quality standard. Black market growers can use whatever nutrients and chemicals they choose.

Unwanted Dangers Linger

When these chemicals are utilized in the growing of cannabis they can lead to unwanted dangers. In the United States California faced a problem of having an abundance of poor quality cannabis that did not meet lab testing certifications for sale to the public.

A Prime Example

One prime example of this also just occurred in Ontario Canada since the legalization of adult use cannabis went nationwide on Oct. 17th. The instance I am referencing is with the licensed producer Redecan recently recalled over 900 ounces of cannabis product after complaints from consumers of bugs and mold.

The issue was reported specifically with their B.E.C. strain from product lot 4B2L3. This led to Redecan Pharm doing a “Type II voluntary recall” of over 700, 3.5-gram jars of this product from the Ontario Cannabis Store.

How Serious Is It?

According to globalnews.ca, this type of recall is for products that “can cause temporary adverse health consequences, but where the likelihood of serious health consequences is low.”

To learn about how mold and some insects can actually be beneficial check out this article.

With cannabis legalization in Canada taking place many people are concerned about the quality of the cannabis that's hitting shelves.

While this is a legitimate concern as we should always think about what we are consuming, we have to remember that things like fungus, bacteria, and even mold are still a beneficial factor of many ecosystems and environments.

  Posted: Friday, November 30th, 1:00pm 15 days ago
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