The ultimate stoner grocery list may not contain the items you think it does. If you go by propaganda-based stoner movies, then your grocery list might go a little like this. I need two large pizzas, pretzels, onion rings, popcorn, candy bars, water lots of water, 3 liters of soda, some cheeseburgers, a few orders of fries, and some chewing gum, yeah some chewing gum.

You May be a Victim of Propaganda

If this is what you find in your mind as a stoner grocery list, then you may be a victim of propaganda. Many people who consume cannabis on a regular basis have very active healthy lifestyles. Most people are unaware that on average cannabis consumers tend to have a lower BMI than non-consumers.

”Stoners” Love to Eat – But They Prefer to Eat Good

Contrary to popular belief of reefer madness, cannabis consumers are a rather healthy bunch. Many of them like to partake in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and water sports. On top of this, you'll find a lot of the cannabis community loves organic food. Take a trip into Eugene Oregon and see how hard it is to find food that's not organic. Eating a wide variety of healthy fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are essentially good for you is common for cannabis consumers.

Even Through Prohibition – We Have Preferred a Good Meal

Even the days of prohibition were fueled by good food. When it came time for harvest everyone chipped in to make it happen. This also meant having good meals together. It wasn't cans of Spaghetti Os and pop. The days of cannabis prohibition helped to fuel the way people viewed the typical stoner diet. The more you learn about cannabis and how it is utilized by multiple civilizations around the globe the easier it is to understand the misconceptions of what a stoner calls a grocery list.

Should We Even Still Call Consumers Stoners?

Most people don't even like to be called stoners anymore. Stoners kind of implies someone who sits around doing, nothing we call those wooks nowadays. Cannabis consumers are engaged members of the community and society that often own businesses of their own and are helping lay the framework for a green, sustainable future for the amazingly widely misunderstood plant known as cannabis.

What's on your ultimate grocery list when you hit the store? Let us know in the comments below!

  Posted: Monday, December 3rd, 1:00pm 12 days ago
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