Relax, breathe, and remember no one has ever died directly as a result of cannabis. If you have eaten a little too many edibles or consumed one that was too strong there's only one thing you can do, sleep.

A trip to the emergency room will only be met with the advice of sleeping. They might take your blood pressure and do a few things to tack up an emergency room visit bill for you, but beyond that, the effects of that edible will wear off. If you're able to go to sleep for the night, it's the best thing.

Don’t Underestimate Their Power

When people consume edibles, they often underestimate the amount they're taking. For example, some people think a 100mg candy bar is a joke. They eat the whole thing and 2 hours later they're experiencing some kind of a weird feeling from weed they've never felt before.

Consuming Edibles and Smoking Cannabis Are Completely Different

When you ingest cannabis, it's different than smoking it. Eating cannabis causes the liver to metabolize cannabis differently. This results in more potent effects that are not immediate like the ones you get from smoking.

Food (Not Infused) is Your Friend

If you have food around and can come down enough to eat, it will help you come down from your buzz. Stay away from mangoes of course because of the myrcene they contain they could increase the longevity of your edible experience that you're wanting to end.

Find What Works for You

The most important thing about consuming edibles is to consume them responsibly. Try them out first and see how they treat you. Discover how many milligrams is right for you. Once you know the estimated dosage or milligrams that work best for you, you'll be set to enjoy yourself and know what to expect from edibles.

Not All Edibles are Made the Same

Remember homemade edibles are different than edibles purchased from legal cannabis dispensaries with certified lab testing. So always proceed with caution. Remember, it is easier to eat more than it is to come down from eating to many!

  Posted: Wednesday, November 28th, 1:00pm 17 days ago
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