Canada legalized medical cannabis years ago and just recently in October, they also opened up a legal retail cannabis market for adults who wish to utilize cannabis recreationally. So, what's the difference between recreational or adult use cannabis and medical cannabis in Canada?

The Price of it All

It boils down to the price. Cannabis legalization happened on October 17th of 2018 across all of Canada and immediately the country saw a shortage of cannabis.

You can find certain strains of cannabis for as low as around $6.99 per gram. That's only if you find a brick-and-mortar store though. Should you have to use Canada Post that price starts to get higher than you will from smoking the cannabis you order.

Taxes and Shipping Play a Part

Provincial taxes combined with shipping cost can raise prices for a single gram of cannabis to a sky-high $27 per gram in areas like the northwest when you factor in delivery and taxes.

Before legalization, the average Canadian was paying just under $7 per gram for cannabis. It looks like legalization in Canada was more about money than many would like to live up to.

Medical cannabis pricing is slightly lower and expected to remain more stable than that of recreational cannabis. Medical patients also have more extensive access to a broader variety of cannabis products. Another big difference is the system used for seed to sale tracking.

Seed to Sale Tracking

There are two different systems implemented in Canada, one for medical and one for recreational. Some like the Canadian Medical Association have suggested combining the two systems saying there is no need to have both.

On the other side, you have the Canadian Nurses Association saying that could be disastrous and could cause retailers to place priority on recreational consumers over medical patients.

There's not too much difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis in Canada other than price. Both are grown to the same quality with the same regulatory control levels. It would seem if you're a medical patient in Canada that you might have more access at a more affordable price.

The Age Factor

Another big difference is the age restriction. With medical cannabis, there isn’t an age restriction whereas with recreational cannabis there is. Individuals of all ages, if they have a recommendation for cannabis for medicinal uses, can qualify for patient status.

If individuals wish to utilize cannabis for recreational purposes, they must be at least 18 or 19 years old depending upon where they reside in Canada.

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  Posted: Monday, December 3rd, 10:00am 12 days ago
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