One of the most common side effects of Cannabis consumption is an increased appetite. Those throughout the cannabis community and culture have referred to this side effect as a case of the munchies for decades now. Indeed, good weed will increase your appetite to astronomical proportions.

To help you find the craving for saving the night here's a list of 5 incredible cannabis cookbooks that are sure to have an edible cannabis-infused dish that will satisfy the munchies with much delight! We have also included a cannabis cocktail book for those who would like to enjoy a little green in your beverages as well!

The Dank Cookbooks You Must Have

You'll find everything from incredible pasta dishes and main courses to appetizers, desserts, and more in the pages of these delectably enticing mouthwatering books.

Cooking with cannabis is becoming more popular than ever before thanks to easier access to the plant. It's not just about making pot brownies these days.

You don't just throw a handful of cured cannabis into a batch of baked goods. There are cannabis distillates, concentrates, and terpenes that are used to cook with on top of flower and other infused concoctions!

Pack a Bowl and Crack Open a Cookbook

If you feel you have a significant case of the munchies, then crack open a cookbook and take a look for something tasty. Recipes range from easy to moderate and with a little patience, and the right weed can be crafted by anyone.

There's no need to go hungry as long as you have these cookbooks, a little weed, and the ingredients to blaze out these recipes to perfection!

What is your favorite cannabis centric cookbook? Do you have a favorite recipe that always hits the spot? Let us know in the comments below!

  Posted: Sunday, November 25th, 1:00pm 20 days ago
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