Cannabis legalization occurred across all of Canada on October 17th of 2018. On this historic day, adults across Canada accessed recreational cannabis legally for the first time. Well, some did.

The reason only some did is that dispensaries across Canada ran out of weed. They didn't just run out of weed they ran out of all kinds of cannabis products. Concentrates, flower, and more went off the shelves like wildfire.

James Burns was Burned at How Quick His Shelves Went Bare

James Burns is one of the individuals that felt the sting of the shortage. He has 5 retail stores selling cannabis that are brand new. All five stores only received a minuscule half of their order that was placed with their provincial supplier. Confident that they had enough product on the shelves they found themselves to be wrong.

Projections that anticipated the amount of cannabis needed for the public we're way off. More Canadians than anyone imagined went to stock up on weed.

Burns has employees stationed at a computer constantly refreshing the government website to snatch up new stock as fast as they can from a scarce supply. Burns was quoted by the BBC News saying

"But obviously when there's literally none there, it doesn't matter how big you are, there's just nothing there. If the government warehouse is empty, it's empty there's nothing you can do."

A Nationwide Issue

Shortages of cannabis were experienced in New Brunswick where 12 of its 20 stores had to be closed due to a lack of supply. Ontario also saw a deficit followed by long wait times to resupply shelves. Industry experts and analysts are saying that there is relief in sight.

They predict that within a year to a year-and-a-half that the supply and demand for cannabis will be matched between growers and the public.

Are you in Canada? Were you able to find cannabis on legalization day? Have you been able to locate it since? What has your experience been with access to cannabis post legalization? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

  Posted: Monday, November 26th, 1:00pm 19 days ago
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