Going green can be a little more difficult than it seems especially if you're part of the Going Green tour and are looking on how to infuse tunes and ganja. This is exactly what a panel of industry experts discussed while attending the 2018 Billboard Live Music Summit and Awards located at The Montage in Beverly Hills California.

As you know when you go to concerts these days you find beer tents and alcohol being sold virtually everywhere. If only it were that easy for cannabis. Who would have thought with cannabis legalization now it would become even harder to smoke a joint at your favorite show. Cannabis and music events have been sympatico since they started. Imagine Woodstock, Bonnaroo, or Lollapalooza with only edibles.

What about that Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin show? Could you imagine not being able to smoke a joint? Well with cannabis legalization comes regulations that might be putting your joint out and harshing your buzz.

Could Edibles be the Future of Cannabis at Music Events?

The future of cannabis at music events it looks like is turning towards noncombustible cannabis products. That's okay because for us old school smokers who want to still blaze on something dank and listen to tunes there's always YouTube. A littleYou TubeRed mixed with some Panama Red and some Killian's Irish Red, and any concert-goer, even at home, can be right in the head.

Managers and organizers of events such as the ones hosted by High Times and the annual Emerald Cup in California, predict that edible cannabis products could be the solution to cannabis consumption at events. Samheen Ahmad is the VP of Events for High Times and was a part of this recent panel. He stated the following according to

A First Hand Account of What Must be Done

The state has passed a law that allows these events to happen and yet these events are happening constantly behind closed doors," said Ahmad. "We wanted to do it right and bring it all to the table and we did. It was incredible. We got people from all walks of life.

This statement was in regard to his work with a lobbyist and the mayor of Sacramento to bring to fruition the nation's first open cannabis consumption friendly event. This of course was the recent High Times' Cannabis Cup that took place in Sacramento, California.

It will be interesting to see what the future of social cannabis consumption looks like at events nationwide in the years to come.

  Posted: Monday, November 26th, 1:00pm 19 days ago
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