Cannabis legalization has taken leaps and bounds over the last decade. A plant that was once demonized globally has finally begun to gain global acceptance once again. Throughout history, cannabis has been utilized for its medicinal properties by civilizations around the world.

Back in 2900 BC Chinese emperor Fu Hsi reportedly referenced “ma” which is the Chinese word for cannabis saying that it contains both the features of yin and Yang. Cannabis was once conventional medicine listed in the Chinese as well as the US Pharmacopeia. It wasn't removed from the US pharmacopeia until 1941.

The Opioid Epidemic Is Alive and Well

Marijuana prohibition that was started by the United States federal government spread like wildfire circumferencing the globe. During the attempted eradication of this misunderstood plant pharmaceutical companies continue to reap in the benefits.

The opioid epidemic is real touching virtually every corner of the planet. In the United States alone, opioid overdoses claim the lives of more than a hundred citizens each day.

Abuse of Prescription Drugs and Authority of Medical Professionals Feed the Flame

Abuse of prescription drugs is exceptionally high in America. While the United States only has a minuscule part of the global population, they consume roughly 80% of the world's opioids.

It's not just people abusing these prescriptions it's those in authoritative positions forcing these prescriptions on individuals.

This happens excessively in sports. Professional athletes such as Riley Cote, Elias Theodorou, and others have faced hardships and struggled for the right to medicate with cannabis.

New Studies Underway to Research Cannabis as a Natural Pain Management Alternative

With cannabis legalization taking place in Canada new studies about cannabis and pain management are beginning. There are many medical professionals such as Dr. Uma Dhanabalan that believe cannabis should be a first line pain management, not the last resort.

To give you an idea of the type of studies taking place, one of them is looking at pain management in cancer patients.

The clinical trial aims to document the differences between fentanyl buccal tablets and inhaled cannabis. Studies about the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids are not something that's new.

It's something that is being newly reported about. If you're interested in seeing a world of medical documentation about cannabinoids simply do a Google search on the term cannabis NCBI.

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