For months now there have been two primary aspects that cannabis advocates have been hoping for that could potentially forever change laws surrounding cannabis in the United States.

One of those aspects was the House of Representatives being taken back by the Democratic party during the midterm elections.

Could This be the Win that We’ve Been Waiting For?

The other element was the resignation of none other than the US attorney general Jeff Sessions. Since Jeff Sessions took his seat as the Attorney General of the US, he has seemed like a thorn in the side of legal cannabis business owners as well as advocates and patients.

Sessions has been quoted several times opposing cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes.

There has been much speculation in the last several weeks that he would be resigning after the midterm elections and that is precisely what happened on November 7th.

This comes just one day after three more states in the United States said yes to cannabis legalization, and the Democratic party took back the house!

What We Know

Could this be exactly what cannabis advocates have been hoping for? Could this potentially be the beginning of the end of cannabis prohibition at the federal level?

At this point in time it is truly hard to say. What we do know however is that Jeff Session’s former Chief of Staff at the Dept. of Justice Matthew G Whitaker couldn’t go wrong by reinstating the Cole Memo.

Sessions Biggest Move Against Cannabis

The Cole Memo was a 2009 memorandum that provided protection for legal cannabis businesses operating within compliance of their state laws protection from prosecution by the federal government.

This memorandum was retracted earlier this year. Matthew Whitaker will be the acting Attorney General of The United States until a permanent replacement is designated at a later date.

The question is, now that Jeff Sessions is out of office, will Whitaker follow in the prohibitionist footsteps of Sessions or if will take a different route. Perhaps a route similar to the green ones that our neighbors to the north and south have taken in regards to cannabis legalization.

Only time will tell. You can be sure that Roottie will keep you up to date on all things cannabis as this movement continues to expand across the United States and around the world.

  Posted: Thursday, November 8th, 4:00pm 7 days ago
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