Entertainment and cannabis are two things that go hand-in-hand together. From movies to concerts, festivals, and more patrons often times enjoy cannabis before, during, and after these events.

Las Vegas Nevada is one of the most heavily visited tourist destinations in America. It brings in people from around the world. They used to say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Not anymore. With legal adult use cannabis, more visitors are experiencing some form of cannabis consumption.

CBD Is All the Craze These Days

One of the most significant growing trends on the Vegas Strip according to many people is CBD products. They seem to be just what people need to help get rid of that hangover you know you're going to get when you visit Vegas.

Recently the largest cannabis dispensary in the world decided to call Vegas home. It's so massive it has its own entertainment complex.

Welcome to Planet 13

Planet 13, opened November 1st boasting a 112,000 square foot business. Of this enormous amount of space, the dispensary makes up only 15,000 of those square feet. It is open however 24 hours a day.

Vegas Doesn't Sleep But it May Need Weed Naps

So maybe Vegas is the city that never sleeps but takes a lot of weed naps. When going to get your weed on visitors can also partake in a wide array of activities. Try stepping into the future with sensory activated LED lights to guide you through this massive facility.

Smoke the Flowers- Just Don't Eat Them

Helping to showcase the beauty of the community there are 13, 15 foot LED flowers at the entrance to greet you when you go to enter Planet 13. These aren't just any flowers. They're lotus flowers. While we all love plants and flowers, don't forget what happened to Percy Jackson when he started eating too many lotus flowers.

Remember you can always come back. But also remember that you might be one of the 2,000 visitors expected to partake in exploring this massive store daily according to to the company's co-CEO.

  Posted: Wednesday, November 14th, 1:00pm a month ago
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