It's no surprise these days that some big-name celebrities are entering into the cannabis space. It's the talk of the town for a short time, and before long it becomes old news. This celebrity entrance into the Canada sector, however, might be a little bit different.

Academy award-winning director, producer, film composer, and screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola as put his foot into this green sector. He did not open a dispensary but instead opted for a cannabis lifestyle company.

Francis Ford Coppola Enters Joint Venture with Humboldt Brothers

Just as Francis Ford Coppola produced quality with film, he intends to carry on that quality with cannabis. He partnered with Humboldt Brothers and together they brought to fruition the “Grower Series.” Brett Tortura, the Chief Farming Officer, and Johnny Deem, CEO curated and cultivated the select premium cannabis in their offering. This is a series of excellent Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid cannabis varieties.

The Grower Series

These will be the only three varieties available as of late December 2018. The quality of the cannabis they offer is showcased by such things as diverse microclimates and singularly devoted growing. Each variety of cannabis for the “Grower Series” is cultivated separately.

Thanks to the Emerald Triangle’s distinct microclimates some of the finest herb available is produced in this region, which makes it idea for cultivating the quality cannabis to be offered by the Humboldt Brothers and Francis Ford Coppola.

Pre-orders can be made by California residents using Chill. Select dispensaries in California will also have the “Grower Series” on their shelves starting in late December. Cannabis has a diverse consumer base unlike the stereotype and stigma of the stoner consumer many associate with it.

This high-end cannabis comes with everything you need to medicate appropriately. Along with your $99 “Grower Series” you'll receive rolling papers and a branded pipe.

  Posted: Thursday, November 15th, 1:00pm a month ago
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