Back in 1971, in Vancouver Canada, a future Canadian gold medalist was born. Nearly 30 years would pass before Ross Rebagliati would take home the gold medal in the 1998 Winter Olympics for snowboarding.

A Great Achievement Replaced with Disgrace

This winter Olympics took place in Japan. It wasn't long before the joy of bringing home the gold for Canada was replaced with disgrace. Ross found himself in custody sitting in a Japanese jail. His crime or accused crime was the importation of a controlled substance.

Of course, the controlled substance in question was THC. This disgrace didn't last long as Ross stood his ground. After a three-day struggle, he was able to retain his gold medal.

Ross is a Boss and Hasn't Stopped Embracing Cannabis Since

Don't think for one second this was the end of Ross. After all, you're talking about someone who is dedicated enough to take home a gold medal in the Olympics.

Ross continued to push forward and today is the owner of a medical cannabis merchandise company, Ross's Gold, he's the founder of Legacy Brands and also has a CBD consumables company.

Breaking Down the Stigma with Dedication and Passion

At the time he took home the gold medal and was supposed to be considered a hero his image was tarnished because of cannabis. The silly stigmas and stereotypes of decades of false propaganda took away a great achievement from a dedicated individual.

Instead of wallowing in disgrace Ross decided to put people in their place by showing them just what he was made of. He used his dedication to create the world he has today. He did this embracing the plant that cost him so much and today gives him everything.

It is thanks to individuals such as Ross that show this type of dedication that has allowed cannabis to find the freedom it is starting to see today!

  Posted: Tuesday, November 13th, 1:00pm a month ago
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