Cannabis legalization in Canada made a lot of people happy. At the same time, it's making a lot of people uneasy. Having legal access to recreational Cannabis at the age of 18 or 19 seems like it would be a great idea.

It's not the age that is the issue or oversight with Canadian cannabis legalization, it's the corporations calling the shots.

The Cannabis industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Canada is poised to help lead the way into this green era.

While regulators decide who gets to sell what and how much they sell it for they seem to have overlooked something.

Many ancillary services cater to the cannabis sector. These services are thriving thanks to the new business they're receiving. Labeling, packaging, and ancillary distribution services are popping up in abundance. So are the products they manufacture.

The cannabis consumer base is one that loves the Earth. Many of them are organic and environmentalists. The packaging used for distributing cannabis in Canada is ridiculous according to many consumers there.

Protect the Environment- Keep it Minimal and Natural

Several individuals have taken to media to share their discern about cannabis packaging. Excessive packaging will have an environmental impact. Canada probably protects their natural resources with pride.

It's hard to imagine that regulators would require such access to packaging for cannabis products but not for other products. Paper, foil, shrink wrap, plastic containers, and more come with even the smallest amounts of cannabis or cannabis product.

Cannabis is about being green. It should help usher in a healthier time and create less stress on the environment. Excessive packaging is doing precisely the opposite. Perhaps it's time to rethink the cannabis packaging and come up with some realistic alternatives.

The Idea Package

Ideally, packaging should be minimal, while still allowing for safety measures and in a perfect world, would be made from hemp which would not cause the negative effect on the environment like the material being used today.

  Posted: Friday, November 9th, 1:00pm 6 days ago
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