Cannabis prohibition effectively began in 1924 in Mexico. It wasn't until 2009 that medical cannabis laws changed and in 2015 a small group was allowed permission to grow cannabis for personal use. As of October of 2018, the Supreme Court in Mexico made an official ruling that finds an absolute prohibition on cannabis to be unconstitutional.

This doesn't mean that recreational weed is legal in Mexico now. You're not going to take a trip to Mexico and walk into a dispensary like you would in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, or other places in the U.S. where cannabis is legal or like some Canadians can now do.

Leading the Way to Responsible Regulation and a Stronger Economy

What this does mean is that recreational cannabis is coming to Mexico and it will happen fast. Government officials must now lay the groundwork for retail adult use cannabis laws. The ruling of the court allows for recreational consumption but comes with regulations.

The cannabis sector provides jobs and increases the economy substantially. The countless ancillary services that cater to businesses in the cannabis space are bringing in billions of dollars already.

The U.S. Government is Stuck in the Middle, and They Don't Know What to Do (Like Always)

To quote Ellen Burkstel and her song Who's The Pusher Now, "the government did what they do best, made it a mess, by criminalizing cannabis." Because "once you turn the market black it's hard to turn it back."

Canada legalized adult use recreational cannabis in October, and it looks like Mexico is on the same path. The United States of America is rapidly falling behind its neighbors to the north and south when it comes to cannabis legalization.

Stuck in the Past on the Wrong Side of History

Politicians and private investors that have been reaping the benefits of pharmaceuticals and agricultural deals still can't let go of the old ways. People in the US are blinded by the propaganda set forth by the US government with Reefer Madness.

It's great to see other countries around the world are no longer falling victim to the senseless ploys of an attempted eradication of a harmless plant.

  Posted: Tuesday, November 6th, 1:00pm 9 days ago
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