The cannabis industry has new trends that are in. When many people think about trend-setting in the cannabis community or the cannabis industry they have a propaganda-based idea of it.

This means they tend to believe that setting trends in the cannabis industry is about developing new water bongs, rolling big joints, coming out with new forms of tie-dye, and other stigmas attached to cannabis consumers.

This form of propaganda perpetuated by decades of negative advertisements by the US government couldn't be further from the truth.

Civilized Life Talks to Industry Leaders to Get the 411 on Cannabis Trends

Recently Civilized Life spoke with ten industry leaders in the cannabis sector. They revealed trends that are in with cannabis consumers. Some of these trends might surprise the average person while those of us who know the cannabis industry and community have seen them happening for years.

CBD is a Hit

One of the exciting trends that were mentioned was CBD. The world can't seem to get enough of this stuff. It's showing up in everything from food, drinks, and medicines to health and beauty supplies. Even mega-corporations such as Molson Coors are eyeballing the cannabis (CBD) infused beverage space.

Craft Cannabis is Where It’s At

Another trend that goes hand-in-hand with CBD infused beverages would be craft cannabis. Just like craft beer has taken off and become hip with hipsters globally, craft cannabis is doing the same. Growing craft cannabis doesn't mean using the best nutrients available.

It means being a master grower and understanding the process of germination and cultivation from seed to soil and everything in between.

When an individual is dedicated to growing cannabis, they are capable of producing what is known as craft cannabis. Craft cannabis is grown in smaller batches and usually only a few varieties of strains, sometimes only one at a time.

Terpenes, Microdosing, Education and Other Things

Terpenes, microdosing, and cannabis education are some of the other areas that are trending in the cannabis community and culture according to industry leaders.

As the cannabis community continues to expand and education cultivates awareness about this widely misunderstood plant, the negative stigmas attached to it will hopefully, eventually disappear.

Everyone who supports cannabis legalization is a seed for advocacy. It only takes a single seed to tip the scales of Injustice towards the favor of the people.

What trends do you see growing in the cannabis community around you? What trends would you like to see cultivate deeper roots?

  Posted: Wednesday, November 7th, 11:00am 8 days ago
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James has a passion for wordsmithing content specific to the cannabis community, culture, and industry. This father of seven spends all his time writing about the plant he loves. James believes that cannabis should be an essential part of everyone's life but, this doesn't mean that everyone has to get stoned to do this. Only through education and sharing the stories of the community can we help to tear down the negative walls of stigmas and stereotypes that cannabis has received or the last 80 years. James likes to say, "A single seed can tip the scales, be the seed."

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