Cannabis legalization happened across all of Canada for adult use / recreational purposes on October 17th, of 2018. This legalization has already created a conundrum across the nation. If you own a cannabis business and try to advertise your business like any other legal business, you're in for a surprise.

The Pricing Conundrum

Trying to advertise cannabis in Canada can definitely harsh your buzz. One of the first things that is a buzzkill about advertising cannabis in Canada is pricing. When consumers go to make purchases on homes, cars, or other commodities they are aware of competitive pricing.

This is a normal practice in every legal business market. Every legitimate business market except cannabis that is. For some reason, consumers have to be left in the dark about retail pricing until they've entered an establishment.

This means that businesses are not allowed to tell potential customers their pricing structure whether it be via an advertisement in print media or online. How is this even fair?

Sponsorships and the Alcohol Hypocrisy===

Alcohol which has an extensive list of potential adverse health effects, as well as a history of addiction, death, and abuse, is less regulated. It seems somebody was paid off.

Sponsoring festivals or events is another major no-no for Canadian cannabis businesses. This means that unlike festivals and events in the US that can be sponsored by cannabis businesses Canada cannabis businesses will receive the cold shoulder from festival and event planners.

Hey, it's okay though. As long as alcohol can have places like the Budweiser stage in Toronto maybe eventually cannabis businesses can claim their rightful spot in this legal sector.

Can’t Tell Others What You Think -What?

Testimonials and endorsements are also prohibited with the new cannabis legalization in Canada. This means that you're not allowed to advertise what others say about a product. What kind of sense does this make?

Another Alcohol Hypocrisy===

As if all this wasn't enough authorities in Canada decided to prohibit lifestyle marketing. This means that cannabis businesses can use absolutely no likenesses of a person or animal.

That's really funny because just the other day I drank a Moosehead lager which is a union made beer from Canada with a great big picture of a moose head on it. Once again I guess the same rules don't apply for other legal businesses such as alcohol or tobacco.

It May be Legalized but It’s Far From Free

People across the United States are talking about how great cannabis legalization in Canada must be. My friends that live there disagree. From running out of weed to an inferior corporate product, there's an abundance of issues with cannabis legalization in Canada.

This just means that our work as advocates and activists is not over. It means it is time to continue to fight, only this time not for freedom to consume but for the industry to have equality among others.

  Posted: Thursday, November 1st, 12:00pm 14 days ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Ashley Priest

Ashley is a freelance cannabis writer and the co-owner of CannaLance. Her passion for sharing education and truth surrounding cannabis stems from a personal loss. Ashley has always had an elevated relationship with cannabis but it wasn't until 2015 that she turned that passion and relationship into a career as a cannabis writer.

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