CBD and hair growth, does CBD actually help this process? It seems that you hear about CBD in the news at least weekly these days. CBD appears to be helping people with a variety of different ailments and conditions.

From people suffering from depression and stress to those addicted to cigarettes and alcohol people are finding that CBD is helping them. Naturally, with all the different things CBD is reported to help with people are starting to wonder if it helps promote hair growth.

Health and beauty products such a CBD infused shampoos are available that may help you grow hair.

CBD is Beneficial for the Skin So it Only Makes Sense

One of the first things to factor in is that CBD is exceptionally beneficial for the skin. It has moisturizers in it that naturally hydrate the scalp. CBD oil is also rich in vitamins like vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to strengthen hair where it starts at the roots in the follicle.

On top of vitamin E, CBD oils contain a wide array of other essential vitamins and minerals that facilitate overall healthy body functions. In return, it would only seem natural that the improved health of the body would facilitate in growing healthy hair and nails.

What the Science Says

CBD is finding its way into everything from sweet treats and health foods to beauty products and more. As more research is conducted on the medicinal benefits of CBD, we're sure to see the market grow substantially.

CBD works with the mammalian endocannabinoid system. Receptors within this system help facilitate communication between cells and nerves. In return, this promotes a wide variety of healthy bodily functions.

So perhaps if you're having a little trouble getting some hair to grow up there you might want to get your hands on some CBD infused shampoo and conditioners.

  Posted: Monday, November 5th, 12:00pm 10 days ago
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