Cannabis legalization in Canada almost went up in smoke on the first day. That's right Canadian cannabis dispensaries almost ran out of pot.

The demand for cannabis was so high that dispensaries actually completely ran out of certain products. Beyond that when we say out, we mean out. Some products won't be back in stock for several months.

Craft Cannabis Grows Could Have Saved the Day

Could this Canadian cannabis conundrum have been avoided? You bet your arse it could have been. One of the things that occurred during the legalization of cannabis in Canada was corporate control.

Countless small mom-and-pop craft cannabis grows that could have catered to the demand of Canadian citizens for cannabis were forced out of business.

This Conundrum is Nothing New

Before cannabis legalization even happened in Canada, it was a common occurrence for medical patients that were part of the country's medical program to not have access to their medicine.

They would have to seek their medicine from dispensaries that were operating under civil acts of disobedience. This is because the medicine they were prescribed and went through the proper processes to obtain was unavailable from those who are supposed to be in charge of producing it.

Just Like Legalization, It’s Going to Take Time

Many people think that it’s a horrible thing to regulate a medicine and not regulate its production. It was evident that the corporate structure of cannabis legalization was going to fail the people from the beginning.

On October 17th of 2018, the system proved what the people already knew.Cannabis in Canada will start to settle itself down with time. The market will regulate itself after discovering what the actual demand for cannabis in Canada really is. Nothing works perfectly overnight.

In today's world, we all too often think there's a button to push to reset or fix things instantly. This isn't the case. Just like real life things take time to fix, the conundrum of not having enough cannabis in Canada will too.

  Posted: Thursday, October 25th, 12:00pm 21 days ago
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