Cannabis sommeliers, have you heard of them? If not, don't feel bad, you're not alone. Sommeliers are more commonly associated with wine. They are the folks responsible for the study and pairing of wine.

An ambassador for Lifford Cannabis Solutions Andrew Freedman told High Times a cannabis sommelier is: “A wine professional with an extensive knowledge in pairing cannabis with gastronomy, service, and spirits.”

A New Field Thanks to Cannabis

Cannabis legalization has paved the path for a new field of sommeliers. Ones that are cannacentric. Many people still believe that cannabis is only a street drug or something you use to get high. Consumers who understand the plant can’t stress enough how wrong that way of thinking is.

Pairing cannabis is setting up to big business. From wedding and dinner venues to beverage pairing for beverage companies, the new field of cannabis sommeliers is budding.

Not Just Anyone Can be a Cannabis Sommelier

Not any expert in cannabis can be considered a sommelier. One must possess an in-depth understanding of spirits, cannabis, and wine. The demand for this particular line of work is increasing substantially especially with the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada.

With some major beverage companies eyeballing the cannabis space having extensive knowledge in this specific field can be invaluable to their success.

A Vital Position

Having the right cannabis sommelier can help bridge the gap between alcohol and cannabis. Consumers who would not normally consider cannabis are more likely to give it a try if it's mixed in with their favorite alcohol beverage or paired with it.

Once the consumer-base gets ahold to the benefits of CBD infused beverages there's no telling what will happen. Chances are this particular sector will expand rapidly much like CBD infused beverages have in the United States.

  Posted: Saturday, October 20th, 10:00am a month ago
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