Swiping your plastic for pot could end up costing you a lot if you're a Canadian citizen. With the impending cannabis legalization setting up to take place on October 17th of this year people are wondering what's going to happen with credit card transactions and analytic information?

When you swipe your credit card to buy cannabis in Canada, you could be running the risk of getting popped by the cops at the US border.

While Canada understands and recognizes cannabis as a medicine and all the potential, it appears politicians in the United States are still learning to read.

The United States has waged a war on drug in particularly an attempted effort at eradicating cannabis because of profit and greed. This profit and greed will apparently continue as credit card companies put information about your purchases in the hands of our authorities.

Where Credit Card Companies Stand

MasterCard released a statement saying that they would strictly adhere to their privacy policy, while Visa and American Express have yet to respond.

If you use your credit card to purchase cannabis, you might consider staying where you are when it comes to crossing the U.S. / Canadian border.

At least until politicians between the two countries strike some sort of deal that benefits the U.S. financially enough for them to stop pressing such an insignificant issue.

With violent crime on the rise in the United States and gang violence at an all-time high, you would think that politicians would stop focusing on a failed War on Drugs and focus on a war on thugs.

Not All Retailers are Narcs

On a bright note, not all Canadian retailers that will sell cannabis will tell on you. Some vendors that sell alcohol will have the ability to process the sale without specifying exactly what it was. This means authorities would not be able to tell whether you were buying bud or booze.

Hopefully, U.S. and Canadian authorities will come to a happy medium where honest, hard-working people can be left alone and allowed to continue with their lives and jobs.

  Posted: Wednesday, October 24th, 10:00am 22 days ago
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