If you ask about anyone in the cannabis community, Facebook does not like cannabis businesses. They have repeatedly shut down the business pages of legal companies worldwide.

They have consistently denied advertising and the ability to boost posts to companies and organization with cannabis leaves in their logos or cannabis/marijuana in their name.

Even companies that do not physically touch cannabis products such as marketing firms, writing companies, media outlets, and others that cater to the sector have also been subjected to their denials.

Several weeks ago, Facebook also started shadow banning cannabis related Facebook pages and groups making them unable to be located when searched using keywords such as marijuana or cannabis. From government agencies to advocacy organizations it seemed that everyone was affected.

A Shocking Announcement from Facebook

In a shocking move a spokeswoman for Facebook announced this week that the social media giant would be changing their policies in regard to what business pages can be located utilizing the term cannabis or marijuana.

If a Facebook business page that is cannabis related goes through the process of verifying their page, they will show up when users search these terms. If businesses are not verified by Facebook's process however they are still subjected to the shadow banning mentioned above.

Could the Tides be Turning

This change comes as a surprise just days before Canada rolls out a legal recreational cannabis market across the country.

We hope that this is a sign that Facebook is finally getting with the times. Perhaps one day people simply looking to connect with companies via social media or educate themselves about cannabis will no longer be subjected to draconian policies such as the ones that we have seen enforced by Facebook thus far.

  Posted: Monday, October 15th, 10:00am a month ago
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