In less than 24 hours Canada will become the very first G7 Nation to legalize and regulate a market for adult recreational cannabis. This doesn't mean that consumers can grow as much as they want or possess as much as they want.

What it does mean however is that for the first time in a very long time adults in Canada will not have to fear prosecution by the government for choosing to consume a plant. Here is what you need to know when cannabis becomes legal for adults in the country tomorrow.

Legal Age

Across most of the country the legal age for purchasing recreational cannabis will be 19 years old. In Quebec and Alberta, however, the minimum age will be set at 18.

Online Sales

When it comes to where consumers will be able to purchase cannabis it gets a little bit tricky. Across the country, adults will have the option of purchasing cannabis legally through online sales.

In Alberta, online sales will only be available from government entities. In Ontario, online sales will be legal but only through Shopify. On Prince Edward Island online sales will be legal as long as they are delivered by Canada Post.

In Quebec, online sales will be available as long as they are delivered by Canada Post and you are able to show proper identification as well as your proof of online purchase upon delivery. The only province that hasn't determine whether or not online sales will be available is the Yukon.

Retail Sites

When it comes to brick and mortar stores adults in Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland, and Saskatchewan will only be able to purchase from private sites. In British Columbia, they will be able to purchase from both private and public retail sites.

In Quebec, Prince Edwards Island, Ontario, Nova Scotia, the Northwest Territories, and New Brunswick I don't cannabis consumers will have the option of purchasing cannabis from public retail sites.

Home Cultivation

Last but not least in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon adults over of legal age will be allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants per household.

While there are still many aspects of legalization that have to be ironed out, there is one thing that is certain. That is that we are only one day from watching as Canada becomes the first-ever G7 Nation to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes for adults.

  Posted: Tuesday, October 16th, 10:00am a month ago
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