Canada is only two days away from the start of their legal retail cannabis market. Canadians along with people from cultures around the world, however, have been consuming and utilizing cannabis in all its forms for thousands of years.

Let's take a look at 2 fascinating origins of the cannabis culture that link back to 2 Chinese emperors.

Emperor Shen Nung – Cultivating Ma in the 28th Century B.C.

One of the first known written records of cannabis traces back to the twenty-eighth century BC and a dude known as Emperor Shen Nung.

In the Lu Shi which comes from the Sung Dynasty in China around the year, 500 AD makes a reference to Emperor Shen Nung being the first to teach people in China how to cultivate Ma which is known as hemp in many other places around the world.

Emperor Fu His Knew the Yin and Yang of Things

The other Emperor known as Emperor Fu Hsi is credited by the Chinese as being the individual that brought hemp or rather Ma to the Asian continent. In history, Fu Hsi is recorded noting that "cannabis was a very popular medicine that possessed both yin and yang."

The Path of Cannabis from China

From China, it is thought that cannabis spread to India followed by Northern Africa before reaching Europe in the first century A.D..

Emperor Shen Nung made a direct reference to a psychoactive cannabis agent having powers as a medication for things such as rheumatism, malaria, absent-mindedness, and gout.

His references also spoke to the intoxicating properties of cannabis and how the medicinal benefits of the plant were considered to be more vital than any psychoactive properties that it may possess.

Only 2 Days Away

If you ask me, these two dudes knew the truth about cannabis, and I am sure if they were still alive today that they would be ecstatic for the legal recreational market to go live in Canada in just 2 more days.

  Posted: Monday, October 15th, 10:00am a month ago
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