Cannabis will be legal for adults to consume in just a few short days across Canada. This leaves many people curious about workplace drug policies in different work environments in the country. When it comes to the police force, each city seems to be taking a different approach to what is and isn’t allowed.

Vancouver Says Toke Away – Off Duty

On Wednesday, September 26th, 2018, an amendment passed that concludes Vancouver police officers will be allowed to utilize cannabis for recreational purposes off duty.

The amended policy was well received and includes a stipulation that officers, both civilian and sworn, must not under any circumstance report for duty under the influence of cannabis. So basically, do what you want in your free time but make sure you don't come to work intoxicated and are able to perform your duties.

Calgary City Says Cannabis is Still a No Go for Police Officers After Legalization

In Calgary City, however, police officers are banned from consuming cannabis in their downtime. A new policy was adopted last month that forbids any officer that is qualified to use a handgun, and that is available for duty from consuming cannabis on or off duty.

A CPS spokesperson stated the following regarding whether or not this policy was permanent. "While this may be re-evaluated in the future, abstinence will be the policy for officers after legalization.”

Toronto is Playing it Safe and Banning Use for 28 Days Prior to Duty

In Toronto, a similar policy has been adopted that prohibits officers from consuming cannabis within 28 days of active duty. They might as well have just said, no, you cannot consume at all, because unless they are taking month long breaks, this basically prohibits them from consuming period.

According to the Toronto police force, this decision “was made thoughtfully and based on sound advice and evidence, considering the critical role members play in ensuring a safe workplace and a safe community.”

A Safe Community Starts with Those Who Protect It

In my opinion, if you want to ensure a safe workplace and a safe community, you need to allow those who are responsible for keeping communities safe to choose a safe, natural plant over harmful and sometimes potentially fatal recreational choices.

  Posted: Friday, October 12th, 10:00am 2 months ago
Written By: Richard Martens (Spartan Spark)

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