Here are nine facts about the criminalization of marijuana in Canada which started back in 1923. Many people do not realize that Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King actually helped initiate cannabis prohibition 14 years ahead of the United States.

Cannabis Criminalization Whacked Fact #1

Whacked fact #1 about cannabis prohibition in Canada is that nobody knows who actually is responsible for it. It would seem the term cannabis indica and hashish were added at the end of the bill that was responsible for criminalizing cannabis in Canada.

It's scary to think that no one knows who ordered the terms to be added to the bill yet both the Senate and House agreed on it without discussion.

Cannabis Criminalization Whacked Fact #2

Whacked fact # 2 would be that cannabis was criminalized in 1923, but there were no police seizures of cannabis until nine years later in1932.

Just like in the United States big pharma had their hands in the Canadian government's growth and development of the time as well.

Cannabis Criminalization Whacked Fact #3

Whacked fact # 3 would be that codeine was also made illegal as part of the 1923 bill that criminalized cannabis.

But, in 1925 the pharmaceutical industry along with druggists and doctors successfully rallied to have codeine removed from the schedule. Now even Canada is in the grips of the opioid epidemic brought on by these monsters.

Cannabis Criminalization Whacked Fact #4

Wacked fact #4 is that the bill criminalizing cannabis in 1923 was more intended to criminalize opium use. The documents of the time that anyone would have turned to would have been Britain's Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report, and that was published back in 1894.

According to this report on cannabis consumption "moderate use practically produces no ill effects, and shows most clearly how little injury society has hitherto sustained from hemp drugs."

Cannabis Criminalization Whacked Fact #5

Wacked fact #5 is the fact that cannabis legalization in Canada started with a government that knew nothing about it, and the legalization is ending on the same note. The push for cannabis legalization comes from the subculture surrounding the plant.

The reason that we are only nine days away from retail legalization of this plant is because of the beautiful individuals that rally behind it, not Government officials.

Cannabis Criminalization Whacked Fact #6

Wacked fact # 6 would have to be the obscenity of how the Canadian government is pushing out small craft grows to make room for giant corporations. Without naming names just look at the big players in cannabis in Canada. Their facilities are massive and are expected to produce hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cannabis each year. Did these folks miss something?

How do you flower a plant to perfection when they're grown in that volume? I guess they truly don't understand just why Canadian craft cannabis is considered to be some of the best in the world.

Cannabis Criminalization Whacked Fact #7

Whacked fact # 7 would be all the money wasted supporting cannabis prohibition. Remember this prohibition was started by, oh wait… nobody knows. Now all the lives that have been ruined and all of the businesses that have suffered are watching the government set up legalization for-profit.

If you think for one second that the cannabis sector is not about profit just ask yourself why companies like Molson Coors and others are eyeballing it so heavily.

Cannabis Criminalization Whacked Fact #8

Wacked fact # 8 is that even cannabis prohibition in Canada was about race. Some would point to a 1922 book by Emily Murphy called the Black Candle to help make this point. Opium was the first drug in Canada to come under fire. Emily Murphy's book quotes

"it is hardly credible that the average Chinese Peddler has any definite idea in his mind of bringing about the downfall of the white race, his Swain motive being probably that of greed, but in the hands of his superiors, he may become a powerful instrument that end."

Cannabis Criminalization Whacked Fact #9

Wacked fact #9 will blow your mind about cannabis prohibition in Canada would be some of the players in the industry today. Police officers that arrested individuals for the plant are now switching sides and embracing cannabis.

I think some of the people they arrested for the same thing could still be sitting in jail. For example, former Toronto police chief Julian Fantino who once was quoted comparing weed to murder in my eyes should never have any business in the Cannabis business.

The Whackest Fact of Them All

I guess the whackest fact about cannabis prohibition in Canada is that it ever happened in the first place. Considering nobody knows who added the terms cannabis indica and hashish to the bill it should have been removed immediately once this was discovered.

Luckily, though there is more work still to be done, adults in Canada are only nine days away from having some freedom to cannabis once again.

  Posted: Monday, October 8th, 10:00am 2 months ago
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