Bill C-45 will legalize recreational cannabis consumption across the nation of Canada starting October 17th of 2018. Adults in Canada will have the option to consume cannabis legally in their home as well as to grow up to four cannabis plants at one time.

You Should Know Before You Grow

Before you get ready to grow though there are some things you should know. When it comes to cannabis, even though it's legal recreationally across all of Canada that doesn't mean it's allowed with your rental property or insurance.

These are all areas that will adapt to the change in the law when it occurs this year on October 17th.

Ask Questions Now and Save a Headache Later

Homeowners, property owners, and renters alike are all advised to ask any questions they have about growing cannabis and cannabis consumption to their insurance agents.

Consumers in Colorado faced this issue with cannabis legalization.

Property Rental and Insurance Prices Can Get to be Higher Than Cannabis Consumers

Sadly, guerilla growers popped up and started renting properties, and many have been severely destroyed.

News travels fast within the community, and before you know it, property owners were no longer renting to anyone that wanted to grow cannabis.

Those who would rent to you would sometimes charge seven times the standard deposit calling you a high-risk renter.

In most cases though, they simply refused to rent to anyone with intentions of having home grows out of fear their property would be harmed.

Once You Get the Green Figure Out How You Want to Grow the Green

If you're looking to grow cannabis at home in Canada, make sure that you're allowed to first. Once you know you're in the clear to grow its time to decide how you're going to do it.

Grow tents specifically designed to grow 4 plants are a popular option. You can purchase complete setups with everything you need for a successful grow minus the seed or clone.

Remember, to grow cannabis responsibly. Keep it clean and as green as you can. Most importantly though we hope that our Canadian neighbors enjoy recreational cannabis legalization as it comes into effect in just a few short days!

  Posted: Thursday, October 11th, 10:00am 2 months ago
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