Cannabis concentrates are a major buzz. Not only do they pack one hell of a punch producing a major buzz they seem to be the center of conversation when it comes to cannabis lately. Consumers can't get enough of cannabis concentrates.

The dab dance has swept the nation. You can find just about anything and everything doing the dab pose.

From Betty White to pandas, cats and more, people and animals are covering their eyes with their elbow pointing towards the sky, with their head looking to the floor. This is the dab dance.

Cannabis concentrates come in an impressive variety. Shatter, wax, budder, sugar crystals, rosin, sauce, jam, and sapp are a few of them.

Then there's CO2 extractions, PHO extractions, BHO extraction, and many others.

A Multi-Billion Dollar Market

According to research, these concentrates are becoming the new craze for cannabis consumers.

The Arcview Group estimates cannabis concentrate sales to increase by 49% during the end of 2018 capping at a total of $2.9 billion in sales.

Current predictions put cannabis concentrate sales almost equal with cannabis flower sales by the year 2022.

It's estimated that the cannabis concentrate market will be worth $8.4 billion annually by then. Sales for cannabis concentrates are only slowed by a lack of understanding.

Education is Key

Some people don't know how to perceive cannabis concentrates. They look at it and think that people have turned cannabis into crack. While this point of view can be understood the only justifiable reasoning for it is a lack of education.

As more consumers become aware of the cannabis concentrate market and what it represents it will continue to grow most likely quickly surpassing the sale of cannabis flowers.

Could it be that the old ways of consuming cannabis could be a thing of the past in a few short years?

While it is likely that concentrates will never wholly replace the dried buds we love to grind and smoke, it is undeniable that they are in high demand.

  Posted: Wednesday, October 17th, 10:00am a month ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Ashley Priest

Ashley is a freelance cannabis writer and the co-owner of CannaLance. Her passion for sharing education and truth surrounding cannabis stems from a personal loss. Ashley has always had an elevated relationship with cannabis but it wasn't until 2015 that she turned that passion and relationship into a career as a cannabis writer.

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