CBD infused coffee, CBD infused energy drinks, CBD infused hot cocoa, CBD infused water, CBD infused tea. When it comes to CBD beverages on the market today the list seems to be almost endless. One of the country’s if not the world's largest beverage distributor and company recently made hints that they may also be entering this new sector.

Could CBD Coca-Cola Be a Thing in Coming Years?

None other than the Coca-Cola Company made a recent statement hinting that they are looking to merge into diverging CBD sector. According to recent predictions, the CBD market in the United States is expected to grow to $22 BILLION by 2020.

With this in mind it makes sense that a leader in the beverage industry would be taking a look at capitalizing on this market.

Coca-Cola which announced in August that it would be acquiring Costa Coffee has also ventured into other beverage options such as tea and juice in recent years.

Their announcement which hinted at them entering into the CBD beverage market is just one announcement from beverage companies looking to enter into this sector in the recent months.

It’s Not Just Coca-Cola That’s Eyeing This Market

Other beverage companies that don't traditionally cater to any sort of cannabis market that has hinted at CBD infused beverages also include Molson Coors, Anheuser Busch, and Constellation Brands, the parent company of Corona.

The announcement by Coca-Cola stated, "we are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world."

After this statement was made stocks in not only Coca-Cola soared, but the shares of several Canada-based cannabis companies that have hinted at entering into the CBD infused market also saw an increase.

It is absolutely incredible to think that a plant that has been demonized for nearly a century could find soon find its way into one of the world’s most beloved beverages. This is just one more sign that the times are changing, and cannabis is here to stay!

  Posted: Tuesday, September 18th, 5:47am 3 months ago
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