Military personnel experience things that many others could only dream of. They see things that they spend the rest of their lives wishing they could unsee.

They are also the most at-risk group for having PTSD, something that cannabis is helping thousands of vets and others with, with much success.

Luckily, unlike the United States, the Canadian Military is open to their personnel consuming cannabis under their existing medical cannabis program and the future recreational legalization set to take place in less than a month.

This is with restrictions, of course.

Canadian Forces Say OK to Cannabis—With Restrictions

Who can consume cannabis and when it can be consumed relies heavily upon an individual’s position and occupation within the Canadian Forces. Obviously, they are not allowing for toking up on the job, so all consumption must be done during their private time.

The Canadian Forces are also restricting any personnel from consuming cannabis 8 hours before duty. And if you're handling or operating a weapon, parachuting, participating in training or exercise, or servicing a military plane you must not consume cannabis for 24 hours before reporting for duty.

28 Days—Why So Long?

If you're part of an aviation or submarine crew, however, the rules and restrictions are nowhere near as lenient.

These individuals are prohibited from consuming cannabis for 28 days before reporting for duty. That's right, 28 days, not 28 hours—28 days.

This is utterly ridiculous because the effects of cannabis for most tend to wear off within a few short hours.

At the absolute most, and almost anyone that has ever consumed cannabis will tell you, you are NOT feeling the effects of cannabis after 24-48 hours.

There is no way that someone would still be intoxicated in any shape, form, or manner from cannabis after 2 days tops, so why a 28-day restriction?

It’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure: Canadian Forces personnel that are part of an aviation or submarine crew will never be intoxicated from cannabis while on the job.

That is if they stick to the rules.

The Times Truly Are Changing

Despite this crazy restriction, it is very enlightening to see that the Canadian military is open to the men and women who risk their lives for their country choosing a safe, natural alternative for relaxing and/or medicating.

  Posted: Friday, September 28th, 10:00am 3 months ago
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