Cannabis on college campuses isn't anything new, however, one school is embracing the fact that college students love the herb.

In response to the upcoming legalization in Canada, one college is designating a safe zone for those who may consume a little too much.

Puff Puff PASS Just Got a Whole New Meaning

The University of Calgary operates a program known as PASS that stands for Post-Alcohol Support Space, which provides a safe place for college students who've consumed too much alcohol.

PASS is a place that is designed to be free of judgment and consequences (meaning no calls to authorities, parents, or university officials).

It is also a place where intoxicated students are responsibly cared for and monitored by health professionals, without fear of anything being added to their criminal, medical, or academic records.

That is as long as they are verbal, able to move, and have sustained no serious injuries.

Puff Puff Too Much—PASS is There for Stoners Too

The program was, however, recently extended after it was discovered that some of the students utilizing PASS weren't intoxicated from alcohol.

Many visitors to the facility had consumed too much cannabis or sometimes too much alcohol and cannabis combined.

This is when they decided to expand the program to also include students who feel they are too intoxicated from cannabis.

Here's How it Works

Students who have consumed too much alcohol, cannabis, or both can gain access to the PASS facility by receiving a referral from the Student Medical Response team.

Once referred, the student will be evaluated by the on-staff Registered Nurse and volunteers from the medical response team.

After being evaluated, students can choose to either stay in the facility overnight, receive a ride home from a responsible adult, receive transportation to a nearby hospital, or choose to be discharged depending on their well-being.

Reducing the Harm—One Student at a Time

The program is part of a larger harm reduction initiative that also includes things such as the distribution of naloxone (the overdose drug) kits in a confidential manner.

According to Linda Hastie, a registered nurse and the manager of the University's health center, it is crucial for students

"to know that PASS is there if they’re feeling out of control or unsafe—even if they’re just unsure how to get home."

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  Posted: Monday, October 15th, 10:00am a month ago
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