"We need more research." "States that have legalized cannabis are regretting it." "The legalization of cannabis is causing more harm than good." These are all statements that we hear on a regular basis from prohibitionists who strive to keep cannabis criminalized. Well, research and data-backed statistics could be just what these individuals get if a recent bill that was introduced is approved.

A measure, which was filed by Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey last week, would require the Human Services, Labor and Health, and the Justice Department to enter into a contract with the National Academy of Sciences. This contract would examine "monetary amounts generated" by cannabis tax revenue in legal markets over the next 10 years. The contract would also include research surrounding the rate of medicinal cannabis consumption and the number of overdoses related to opioids and painkillers in states with legal markets.

The political director for NORML stated the following, and we couldn't agree more: "No senator can intellectually justify remaining willfully ignorant to the results of successful state-legal programs, and the National Academy of Sciences can prove to be the neutral arbitrator in assessing the real-world impact that is happening in 31 medical or adult-use states throughout the country."

Last month, representatives from Hawaii and Florida filed similar standalone legislation in the House. This text, however, if approved would be attached to the language of a funding bill for the federal government Departments of Labor, Defense, Health and Human Services, and Education. This funding bill is for the 2019 fiscal year and is set to be considered yet this month.

For this legislation to be attached, it must first be approved on the Senate floor. Stay tuned daily at Roottie.com as we will be sure to keep you up to date on current news and stories pertaining to this vibrant culture and burgeoning industry.

  Posted: Wednesday, September 5th, 10:19pm 2 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Ashley Priest

Ashley is a freelance cannabis writer and the co-owner of CannaLance. Her passion for sharing education and truth surrounding cannabis stems from a personal loss. Ashley has always had an elevated relationship with cannabis but it wasn't until 2015 that she turned that passion and relationship into a career as a cannabis writer.

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