Hawai'i, aka the Big Island, gets its first medical cannabis dispensary. Twenty-two years after marijuana prohibition began in the United States, Hawaii was granted statehood in 1959.  This tropical hotspot has been a legend of impeccable varieties of cannabis, such as Pineapple Express and Maui Wowie. 

While the island grows some fantastic pot, it's not legal with the cops. That was until recently. Hawaii has faced several obstacles when it comes to cannabis legalization. They still face many challenges to come. Just this year it looked as if Hawaii saw progress when the Hawaii legislature approved SB 2707. 

Under this measure, Hawaii's medical marijuana law was expanded to include opioid-use disorder as one of the qualifying conditions for becoming a medical cannabis patient. Apparently, the governor of Hawaii, David Ige, didn't agree with this ruling because he vetoed the bill. Hawaii, however, did become a reciprocity state for medical cannabis patients as of July 10th, 2018. This means medical cannabis patients from other states can use their medicine while visiting Hawaii. 


Hawaiian Ethos LLC Gets the Green Light to Open A Dispensary 

The First Medical cannabis production licence was awarded on Hawai'i Island. Hawaiian Ethos LLC was given the go-ahead for the production, acquisition, and cultivation of cannabis. After meeting all the necessary requirements by state health officials, it's time to cultivate business. Ethos says they are dedicated to the community and are there to provide quality and consistency with value. 

The Big Island is home to an estimated 185,000 + people as of 2010. As the most populated island and one of the most visited islands in Hawaii, having access to medical cannabis for patients is sure to help cultivate business. Federal laws pertaining to air, sea, and transporting of marijuana has made medical cannabis a pain in the grass skirt for Hawaii. 

Even the terminology is in question as the state renamed marijuana to its rightful name, cannabis. This renaming gives state departments until December 2019 to adjust documents and websites with cannabis rather than marijuana. Stay tuned as Hawaii is sure to be an elevated scene in the coming months.

  Posted: Friday, September 7th, 10:00am 2 months ago
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