B-Real is keeping it real when it comes to how he feels and felt about California’s Prop 64. The Cypress Hill rapper opposed Prop 64 due to taxes and the way it was set up to treat small growers, among other issues. Proposition 64, officially called The Adult Use of Marijuana Act, or AUMA for short, was passed on November 8th, 2016. Though he stood against Prop 64, he gave props where props were due when Californians made history legalizing recreational cannabis for adults 21 or older.

Stoned is definitely going to be the way of the walk when you take a hit from your bong after scoring some weed from Dr. Greenthumb. Dr. Greenthumb, which was opened by the Cypress Hill star on Wednesday, is sure to be a hit.

If you live in California, you can get your smoke on with some fire from one of the newest retail cannabis dispensaries, Doctor Greenthumb. Dr. GT is located at 847 W Florence Ave Los Angeles, CA 90044 with the weed you need.


The Fire You Desire Can be Found at Dr. Greenthumb 

You don’t need a 215 script to score some legit weed from Dr. Greenthumb. Stop in and pick up some Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Cherry Pie, or Tahoe OG. Or maybe a little Master OG, some Charlie Sheen OG, Gucci OG, Mars OG, XXX OG. If you're a Star Wars fan, a little Yoda OG, Master Jedi OG, or Skywalker OG might help you become a red-eye knight. You can also pick up pods, vape cartridges, edibles, and concentrates. 

Did I mention Moonrocks? If you're looking for Moonrocks, you'll find strawberry, vanilla, coconut, and blueberry available at Dr. Greenthumb starting at $10 a gram. Should you find yourself at the helm of the pirate ship your steering, steer it towards Dr. Greenthumb today!

Check out what they have online anytime by visiting Dr. GT LA on the Weedmaps app.

  Posted: Thursday, August 16th, 10:00am 3 months ago
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