For the sheer number of possible therapeutic applications, CBD, or cannabidiol, could end up being the most important compound we ever find in the cannabis plant. Multiple studies and significant anecdotal evidence from patients attest to the effectiveness of CBD as a treatment for a variety of illnesses and their symptoms. Here's why vaping CBD might be one of the best ways to consume the cannabinoid.

CBD oil is a cannabis extract, made even more widely available because CBD can be sourced from plants that contain so little CBD they are classified as hemp. Other CBD oils come from cannabis strains with medicinal levels of both CBD and THC.

Ingesting CBD oil, CBD tinctures or edibles ultimately ends up limiting the amount of “bioavailable” cannabidiol that makes it into your bloodstream. Using a CBD vape benefits consumers by making more CBD bioavailable, faster, so you can get the therapeutic effects of CBD almost immediately.

Vaping an oil or a flower that is high in CBD allows users to dose anywhere from a half milligram to several milligrams of CBD at a time. Vaporizers make it exceptionally easy to microdose or take an increased dose on the go. CBD has such a safe chemical profile that it can be used daily for the reduction of daily inflammation and anxiety.

Sufferers of chronic pain, epilepsy, anxiety and mood disorders, and nausea and migraine may need larger amounts of CBD to heighten the relaxing, anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol. And a vaporizer full of CBD oil or CBD flower can be used for larger doses that don't overwhelm the user.

  Posted: Monday, October 8th, 10:00am 2 months ago
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