Emerging science says that CBD oil may be a viable alternative to traditional smoking cessation medications. The theory is that because the active molecule, cannabidiol (CBD), engages some of the same cell receptors as antidepressant medications, it could be used in place of other nicotine replacement or mood therapies.

Pharmacologically, the reason for nicotine use includes elevated mood, an avoidance of withdrawal symptoms, and an “augmented” mental and physical state. Theoretically, then, it would be good to know that CBD checks all of those boxes before we start hyping a new “miracle anti-smoking drug.”

The evidence is still emerging, but research suggests that CBD could overwrite learned, addictive behaviours, as in the 2016 study where morphine-dependent rats received CBD.

The animals had been trained to associate the pleasure of morphine with a specific place. Every time the rats returned to that place and received morphine, the association between the two things was strengthened in the minds of the subjects, in a process called reconsolidation.

In reconsolidation, long-term memories are still flexible, open to disruptions that would later become entrance points for change. The longer the period of reconsolidation lasts, however, the harder it is to later change the learned behaviour. Incredibly, the CBD in this study seemed to act as a disrupting factor, allowing the rats to become more ambivalent about their "favourite spot" and next morphine dose. The effects of cannabinoid drugs on reconsolidation were explored further in this 2017 study, “Effects of Cannabinoid Drugs on Aversive or Rewarding Drug-Associated Memory Extinction and Reconsolidation,” though the mechanism of action remains a mystery for now.

One thing a habitual smoker may do right now to curb nicotine cravings is to create new rituals around the things that are occupied by cigarettes. Instead of enjoying a cigarette first thing in the morning or during an evening walk—start with the very pleasant experiences—use CBD instead. The right format can put CBD into one's bloodstream just as fast as nicotine.

Smoking or vaping a high-CBD flower or oil is immediate, but CBD breath strips, mouth sprays and tinctures are fairly speedy and smoke-less.

  Posted: Sunday, October 21st, 10:00am 25 days ago
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