Cannabis produces way too much money to not be in the mainstream. Cannabis legalization is bringing billions of dollars to the economy. It's creating thousands of jobs and helping to support the future. Through the legalization of this widely misunderstood plant, the groundwork and foundation for future generational wealth are being laid by countless activists and advocates. 

Business owners of all types are catering to the cannabis sector. Numerous ancillary services provide everything from packaging and printing services to IT, marketing, architectural, and engineering skills to name a few. These services are crucial to the success of the sector, and they are producing a lot of green for local economies.

Cannabis legalization will happen. It's too big not to happen. Cannabis prohibition was built on the fabrication of sexism and racism. This draconian way of thinking is not only outdated but also unacceptable by today's standards. Those who continue to support draconian cannabis prohibition are making themselves look bad. 

Even if you don't want to utilize cannabis yourself, you don't have the right to dictate what another adult should choose—especially when it comes to something that holds the safety record of cannabis. Unlike pharmaceuticals, alcohol, or tobacco, which are all legal and regulated, cannabis has 0 deaths directly linked to it in recorded human history. 

With the global cannabis industry already estimated to be worth somewhere around a hundred and fifty billion dollars, it's easy to see why cannabis legalization is gaining so much support. The benefits that it has to offer us as a society cannot be ignored any longer. 

Thanks to the mass access to knowledge we have today, people are learning the truth about cannabis, and they are demanding access to cannabis, which can be seen in the burgeoning cannabis industry in many states. Cannabis produces way too much green not to be seen in the mainstream.

  Posted: Tuesday, October 9th, 10:00am 2 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: James Priest

James has a passion for wordsmithing content specific to the cannabis community, culture, and industry. This father of seven spends all his time writing about the plant he loves. James believes that cannabis should be an essential part of everyone's life but, this doesn't mean that everyone has to get stoned to do this. Only through education and sharing the stories of the community can we help to tear down the negative walls of stigmas and stereotypes that cannabis has received or the last 80 years. James likes to say, "A single seed can tip the scales, be the seed."

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