As various cannabis markets across the world expand, cannabis beverages are becoming prominent in each. Drinks are a popular go-to for experienced and new cannabis users for a variety of reasons. First off, they tend to be virtually smell-less, which makes them much more desirable than a dank joint for many who are going out on the town. Similarly, infused drinks can be enjoyed in groups and social settings like bars or live concerts without garnering lots of attention.

At the most rudimentary level, a tincture can be considered a cannabis drink. A tincture strips the plant materials of their compounds using alcohol or glycerin as a base. The result is a liquid often taken sublingually and used medicinally. These tinctures can also be added to ‘mock-tails’ to craft delicious drinks layered in flavor much like a craft cocktail would be. This do-it-yourself option is perfect for countries and states that don’t have a flourishing recreational market since tinctures are simple to make at home. 

For those who want an all-in-one package, there are some pretty delicious weed drinks that are made a bit differently and available in legal states like Washington, Colorado, and California. Legal Sodas makes their cannabis sodas, lemonades, and herbal shots using a distillate. This is how their products remain basically void of cannabis aromatics. Dixie Elixirs are drinks available in Colorado, Nevada, and California, and are made with a THC oil for an equally as odorless end product. To enjoy these beverages you must travel to the states where they’re produced, but that shouldn’t be an issue because what’s better than a weed vacation?

  Posted: Saturday, September 1st, 10:09pm 3 months ago
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